Variety on Campus

When developing our products and menu ideas, Maple Leaf Foods knows that purchases made by students and parents of schoolchildren are influenced by:

• Nutritional information

• How the food was grown or raised

• How the food they choose expresses their personal ethics

• Desire to explore new cultures through foods

• Flexibility and meals that are customizable
which allows for self-expression

• A mix of healthy options and over-the-top delicacies

Close to 70 percent of today’s higher education students living away from home for the first time also wish for foods that remind them of their childhood. Comfort is key, and the offerings from Maple Leaf can help you offer your students on campus a perfect balance of nostalgia, nutrition and modern sustainability.

Click your province below to open a booklet detailing the school feeding selections offered in your area. Click HERE to download the higher education booklet relevant to all areas.