There are a few “Canadian standards” on almost every menu out there today.

Caesar salad, wings, French onion soup, Poutine, garlic bread with cheese, cheeseburger and chicken fingers.

These items are “Go To” choices for a lot of your customers who either do not want to try new things, or who just can’t be bothered to make a decision.

How many times have you heard: “Oh I’ll just have the chicken fingers…”.  It’s an easy and passive choice, because everyone knows that on average, they’re a reliable and consistent offering everywhere …no need to get overly creative with an item like this; when your customers chose it, want the tried and true…

So the question of how you position the chicken fingers on your menu really depends on how much you’re making on them. If you analyze your food cost, and find that you are making a lower than average contribution to margin, then we need to address the problem, because default items like this need to be among your margin leaders!

If customers have the option to order chicken fingers as a dinner entrée, beside someone else who orders a steak or roast chicken dinner, then you could be losing out on profit because you are pricing the fingers as a lunch entrée, for example.

Chicken fingers should ideally be menued by the piece count, where they can be placed on the appetizer, lunch, pub fare, entrée and kid’s menu sections. Portion size and garnishing can be a simple differentiator to help define the value of the offering.

You do not need to be afraid to price accordingly for chicken fingers, you are basically offering the equivalent of 1 to ½ chicken breasts in the meal.

When you look across the major chains you will see fingers on the menu from $6.99 for a kid’s order, to entrées for $13.50 and beyond.

Your customers will always love ‘em …and so should your bottom line!