The tsunami of support for bacon is not letting up. We are seeing bacon enter into every corner of the menu, from appetizers and main courses to dessert and beverage sections.

There are hundreds of web sites singing the praises of bacon and telling everyone how to use it as an ingredient in a creative new dish. We saw peanut butter and bacon milkshakes at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto last year, and we have been making friends with candied maple bacon for years.

So how can we all make more money with bacon? The obvious is to upsell sandwiches and burgers with bacon and increase the check average. The next step is to follow the logic of signature dishes and prepare it differently than most people would do at home. For instance, as opposed to a common Turkey Club, you can offer a “Turkey Club with Candied Bacon”. This simple creative twist stands out on a menu and all you have to do is brush some maple syrup and brown sugar on bacon slices, and finish them in the oven ahead of time. You can also add bacon cooked with cracked black pepper to a Caesar (the drink or the salad).

Maple Leaf offers different thicknesses of precooked bacon that allow for zero waste from over cooking or prepping, which can help make your operation more cost effective and consistent.