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Emergency Preparedness:

Product Suggestions for Healthcare Facilities

During these uncertain times, we understand the need for you to develop a contingency menu that addresses the staffing shortages, delivery interruptions, facility lockdowns and other unpredictable events that might occur in the coming weeks. In response, Maple Leaf Foodservice has prepared a list of products that are ideally suited for these circumstances.

The following products are:

• Fully cooked – heat and serve, or serve cold, skilled labour not required

• Can be used in multiple menu applications

• Senior-friendly: traditional in appeal, easy to cut and chew

• Healthcare-friendly: controlled sodium, suitable protein content (most >13g per 60g portion)

• Can be quickly modified to be suitable for texture modified diets

Deli Meats: Gluten-free and sliced for convenience

deli 1

Centre of the Plate Entrée Options: Fully cooked. No portioning required. Simply ‘Heat & Eat’

centre of plate

Pot Pies: Ideal 125g individual portion – the perfect comfort food.

pot pies

Multiple Menu Options: Fully cooked versatile options


Canned Meats: Non-perishable options. Pack size: 24 x 156g cans


Contact your Sales Representative or visit our website at for ingredient, allergen and nutritional information, as well as recipe ideas on each of our products.