Maple Leaf Foods: The Journey to Where We Are Today

Maple Leaf Foods traces its roots back over 100 years, and we’ve steadily watched the company grow during that time. Through excellent business practices, strong teams and strategic mergers and acquisitions, Maple Leaf Foods Inc. has become Canada’s leading consumer protein company.

Our employees are dedicated to offering Canadians high-quality, delicious, nutritious and innovative food products under leading brands including Maple Leaf®, Schneiders®, Mina™ and Greenfield Natural Meat Co.™

As Canada’s leading consumer protein company, we have an obligation to do things better, smarter and more responsibly. We are a company that grew from our history and now face the food industry with the goal of providing consumers great tasting food produced in a safe work environment.

Maple Leaf Foods continuously evolves through initiatives that reflect progress and a steadfast pledge to continuously improve. Moving forward includes setting ourselves apart and making products that consumers are asking for:

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Raised without antibiotics


Made with Natural ingredients






Gluten Free



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We know that our world faces daunting challenges. Globally, 800 million people are undernourished, while 2 billion are overweight. Food systems contribute around 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions where livestock produces more emissions than all transportation combined; and North American meat consumption is four times that of the non-industrialized world.

Considering this, our vision for Maple Leaf became clear – we need to serve the world better. That’s why we are aspiring to a higher purpose – To Raise the Good in Food.

Feeding Opportunity

The Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security (“the Centre”) collaborates with other organizations and individuals to advance food security. We are seeking to raise the profile of this pressing social issue, advocate for critical policies and invest in programs required to make sustainable improvements.

Bringing financial and significant collaboration and in-kind support, the Centre works with innovative food-based programs that advance the capacity of people and communities to achieve sustainable food security, and have the potential to be replicated or scaled to increase their impact. We support actions that further learning, networking and measurement to assess program impact and advance knowledge sharing.


Serving the World Better

We create sustainable value through addressing social and environmental needs.

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Better Food

We are making real food with real ingredients – eliminating artificial colours, flavours and unnecessary antibiotics.

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Better Care

We are building industry leadership in animal care through advances in husbandry, training, transparency and accountability

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Better Communities

We are creating shared value where we work and live

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Better Planet

We are pursuing aggressive goals to reduce our environmental footprint by 50 percent by 2025.

A Global Leader in Food
Safety and Quality

No company is more committed to food safety throughout its supply chain than Maple Leaf Foods.


Committed to providing the focus and resources necessary to become a global leader in food safety and workplace safety.


Committed to a culture of safety, where people are encouraged and expected to act on any concerns they might have.


Committed to measuring our performance, with testing and benchmarking against global standards.


Committed to continuously seeking better ways to make safe food – and to make it safely.


Committed to transparency and candour.